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Ms Lucy Aphramor

Ms Lucy Aphramor has a PhD in weight science and is one of the founding members of the international Critical Dietetics movement and the UK group Dietitians for Social Justice; an elected committee member of the European Specialist Dietetic Network (ESDN) for Public Health; and is on the British Dietetic Association Roll of Honour.

While working as a community dietitian she was struck by the way social factors were left out of the health conversation and in response developed a new public health philosophy, known as Well Now. At the heart of Well Now is the message that our human worth is innate, this message translates into teaching body respect and health-gain for all through a framework that helps people make sense of their stories by linking self-care and social justice. Her work continues to be shaped by personal experience, professional practise, and a commitment to building knowledge that matters. Despite working outside of academia, she has made significant contributions to the literature and co/authored two key articles with combined hits over 320,000. The book Body Respect, co-authored with Linda Bacon, brings the language and theory that informs Well Now to a wider audience.

Lucy is also a critically acclaimed performance poet, under the name The Naked Dietitian, and you can catch her at the Edinburgh Fringe later this year.

Twitter: @Lucy_WellNow

Website: http://lucyaphramor.com/

Professor Rhiannon Turner

Professor Turner is a social psychologist with a specific focus on intergroup relations, prejudice, and prejudice-reduction. Her research looks at which forms of intergroup contact best reduce prejudice, how and why they do so, and what consequences they have for intergroup relations. Specifically, she has studied the effect of several different forms of intergroup contact in reducing prejudice, including cross-group friendship, extended contact, and imagined contact. She is also interested in the role of personality, social identity, and multiple categorization in explaining intergroup relations, and has undertaken research on tackling weight stigma.

Professor Turner is Director of the Centre for Identity and Intergroup Relations at Queen’s University, Belfast. She received her degree in Psychology from Cardiff University in 2000, a master’s in Social and Applied Psychology from the University of Kent in 2002, and was awarded her PhD in social psychology from the University of Oxford in 2006.

Twitter: @rhiannon_turner @ciir_qub
Web pages: http://bit.ly/rhiannonturner http://www.qub.ac.uk/research-centres/ciir/

Dr Emma Rich

Dr Emma Rich is a Reader/Associate Professor in the Department for Health at the University of Bath. Her research examines sport, physical activity and health education from a critical socio-cultural perspective. Over the past 15 years she has undertaken critical health research examining the relationship between the cultures, policies and practices of schools and young people’s health, wellbeing and identities. This research has informed policy debates in the UK and Dr Rich has advised a number of related select committees. She is a member of a number of working groups and advisory boards (e.g. Anorexia and Bulimia Care) and contributes to policy debates internationally on health education.

She is currently leading a research project funded by the Wellcome Trust ‘The Digital Health Generation: The impact of ‘healthy lifestyle’ technologies on young people’s learning, identities and health’. This is a world first in terms of investigating young people’s learning about health through digital technologies and the impact this has on their health behaviours and identities. She is author of over 150 peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference papers. She has published 3 books: Education, Disordered eating and Obesity Discourse: Fat Fabrications (Routledge) The Medicalization of Cyberspace (Routledge) and Debating Obesity: Critical Perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan. She is currently writing a book with Dr Lee Monaghan and Dr Andrea Bombak, published with Routledge, ‘Rethinking Obesity: Critical perspectives on research, policy and practice’.

Twitter: @DrEmmaRich

Website: www.emmarich.me.uk


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