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Dr Hannele Harjunen

Fat bodies as anti-neoliberal bodies
Dr Hannele Harjunen, PhD is a Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy at  the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Harjunen’s research focuses on gendered body norms, fatness and fat studies, and intersectionality. Her recent publications include a monograph Neoliberal Bodies and the Gendered Fat body (2017, Routledge) and articles in Feminism and Psychology, Feminist Theory and Fat Studies: Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society.

Dr Doris Liebscher

Legal protection against weight discrimination – perspectives from the practical work with GETA (General Equal Treatment Act) and SAL Berlin (State Antidiscrimination Law Berlin)
Dr Doris Liebscher, PhD, is the head of the ombuds office for the Berlin state anti-discrimination law at the state office for equal treatment – against discrimination. The qualified lawyer did her doctorate with the constitutional judge Prof. Dr. Susanne Baer on the concept of race in the Basic Law and in US constitutional law; the work was awarded the Konrad Redeker Prize. 2012-2020 research assistant at the chair for public law and gender studies at the law faculty of the Humboldt University in Berlin; establishment of the Humboldt Law Clinic for Fundamental and Human Rights. 2005 co-founder of the anti-discrimination office in Saxony.

Dr Asher Larmie, The Fat Doctor

Trust me, I’m a doctor: The untold harms of medical weight stigma

Dr Asher Larmie, MD, (they/them) is a Transgender Non Binary GP and fat activist who is campaigning for an end to medical weight stigma. They are the founder of the #noweigh campaign. They have over 20 years of medical experience and have been fat for even longer than that. As the self-styled Fat Doctor, Asher started a blog in June 2020. They now also host a successful podcast and run a number of training courses as well as monthly webinars for people who are interested in learning about weight inclusivity. They have featured in a number of newspapers and magazines, and have experience speaking both on television and the radio.

Website: fatdoctor.co.uk  noweigh.org  Twitter: @thefatdoctoruk   Instagram: @thefatdoctoruk   Tik tok: @fatdoctor   Podcast: The Fatdoctor Podcast   Crowdcast: fatdoctoruk

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