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Programme 2023

From 2023, the Weight Stigma Conference will be hybrid with both in-person and remote attendance available. All sessions will be recorded and videos will be available for one month after the event.

NOTE: Please note that our conference programme is subject to change at any point before or during the conference itself.

Presenting authors only listed. For full list, please see conference programme.

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Day 1
8:00-8:45 Registration and Refreshments
8:45-9:00 Land acknowledgment and Welcome
9:00-10:00 Keynote Speaker
  Dr Joy Cox
Activist, Author, and Independent Scholar
Reaching back to move forward: What is to be said about the future of fat liberation?
10:15-11:00 Oral Presentations: Theme 1 – Everyday weight stigma
  Fat in public: A critical examination of accessibility, belonging, and spatial (in)justice
Lauren Munro, Toronto Metropolitan University
  Following practice guidelines, but doing harm? Experimental evidence that healthcare providers’ weight-related advice leads to weight-based identity threat
Erin C Standen et al., University of Minnesota
  Is the healthcare environment toxic for healthcare professionals with larger bodies?
Sean Phelan, Mayo Clinic
11:15-12:15 Breakout Sessions 1
  Critiquing fat oppression in the age of Wegovy
Rachel Fox, UC San Diego; Marquisele Mercedes, Brown University; Blakeley H Payne, CU Boulder; Monica Kriete, Independent scholar
  Family Feud: Using EFFT to address anti-fat bias when working with families in eating disorder treatment
Kaila Peak-Rishel, Eating Recovery Center (ERC), Kava Counseling; Kristie Simmons, ERC; Meredith Nisbet, ERC, Three Birds Counseling
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:15 Oral Presentations: Theme 2 – Weight Stigma in Public Health
  “I tell my son: don’t eat until you’re full”: Weight stigma and unintended consequences; a qualitative study in Chilean children
Cecilia Prieto et al., University of Edinburgh
  Why debunking the “Obesity Epidemic” won’t solve weight stigma
Rachel Fox, UC San Diego
  Slimming World complained about us! An alternative: Social prescribing to improve access to weight-neutral healthcare
Helen James, Nutriri
14:30-15:30 Breakout Sessions 2
  When guidelines harm: A deeper dive into the AAP Guidelines for “Childhood Ob*sity”
Erin Knopf, Very.Health
  Legal protection against weight discrimination: Developing concrete proposals for inclusion in anti-discrimination law
Stephanie von Liebenstein, German Association Against Weight Discrimination

Law as both executioner and savior: Insights from the Canadian experience
Daphnée Legault, University of Sherbrooke

15:30-16:00 Refreshments
16:00-17:00 Breakout Sessions 3
  Weight-neutral healthcare policy and services in practice: Doncaster Council’s alternative “childhood weight management” service
Saima Nazir, Holly Campbell, Doncaster City Council, UK
  Advancing weight-inclusive education for health professionals: Student perspectives
Jessica Mui, Rowan University, MSSI; Noelle McPhail, Pacific County Voices Uniting
17:15–18:15 Keynote Speaker
  Tigress Osborn
National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance
What’s the solution? Size Inclusion! Building a successful nationwide campaign for fat legal rights in the USA
18:15-20:00 Poster Session and Reception
Poster  Diet culture perseveres through a pandemic: A longitudinal content analysis of #Quarantine15 Instagram Images
Katey Park et al., Toronto Metropolitan University
Poster Doncaster’s ‘Compassionate Approach’: A vision for the introduction of weight-neutral healthcare policy in the UK
Karen Horrocks, Office for Health Improvement & Disparities et al.
Poster  The burden of weight bias: Internalizing weight biases and experiences of embodiment
Susan Williams et al., Washington State University
Poster  Understanding fat embodiment, weight stigma and resistance
Clea M. B. Sturgess et al., University of Victoria
Poster  Weight stigma: A barrier to psychiatric/mental health medication visits
Kiki Kline, University of Tennessee et al.
Poster  Experiences of weight stigma during cancer treatment: A qualitative study
Sarah Nash et al., University of Iowa
Poster  “They say beauty is vain”: The explicit and implicit biases of various body proportions
Rosha FeiziLighvan et al., UCLA
Poster  A pilot and feasibility 14-day study to assess the relationships between weight stigma, dietary intake and objectively measured physical activity and sleep
Nicola Buckland, University of Sheffield, et al.
Poster  Internalized weight stigma and men’s body image and eating behaviors: Does masculinity contingency matter?
Katarina Huellemann et al., Western University
Poster  Unpacking intersectional weight stereotypes in relation to race and gender
Megan Lindloff et al., Western University
Poster  Overcoming implementation barriers in the shift to weight inclusive care: The need for multi-level interventions
Mindy L. McEntee, Arizona State University
Poster  Experience of embodiment in Indigenous and white post-secondary students
Rachel McMillan et al., Dalhousie University
Poster  The effects of Westernization on non-Western body ideals and weight stigma
Alicia Batshone et al., Nova Southeastern University
Poster  Establishing the reliability and validity of the Diet Culture Beliefs Scale
Laura Hogan, Colorado State University
Poster  Assessment of medical student understanding and interest in weight bias
Katherine Etsell, University of Michigan et al.
Poster  Combatting weight stigma on campus: Student projects driving change
Kimberly McClure-Brenchley, St. John Fisher University
  Ideological orientations in “obesity” prevention: An African perspective
Pontsho Pilane, Stellenbosch University
Poster  Examining anti-fat bias in Kinesiology and Public Health & Nutrition Department at Cal Poly
Jillian Chandler et al., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Poster Public self-awareness partially explains the relationship between appearance-related media pressure and perceived weight discrimination
Ashley Araiza, Angelo State University
Poster  “All hail the real queens of the universe”: The impact of social media on body image and internalized weight stigma
Rosemary Porter et al., Linfield University
Poster The weight of words on TikTok: The effect of anti-fat microaggressions on viewers’ mood and self-esteem
Rivers Walters et al., University of Essex
Poster  Slim? Thick? I like them all: The broad conceptualisation of beauty and judgments of higher-weight versus normative-weight women
Sara Mendonca Pinto et al., University of Essex
Poster  Putting up with it: The influences of weight stigma on UK women’s tendency to avoid healthcare
Fahmida Haque et al., University of Essex
Poster To speak or not to speak, that is the question: Weight stigma resistance and psychological wellbeing in observers
Amy Bathgate et al., University of Essex
Poster  “Doctor-prescribed and mother-encouraged”: Interpersonal interactions and body image concerns in higher-weight clients
Eza Dios, University of Washington, et al.
Poster  Difficult To Modify: A poetic inquiry into the need for weight neutrality in health and fitness spaces
JodiAnn Stevenson, California Institute of Integral Studies
Poster  “If they say it for my own good, it leaves a deeper scar”: Exploring experiences of benevolent fat-phobia among higher-weight Iranian women
Mahshid Founoudi, Edith Cowan University
Poster Teaching medical students how to avoid overreliance on BMI in diagnosing and caring for patients with eating disorders
Kratika Mishra, University of Southern California, et al.
Poster  Healing from weight stigma in community: A thematic analysis of the “We Deserve Space” group intervention for large-bodied individuals
Devin A Kelly, University of Denver, et al.
Poster “It’s so internalized, and it’s so personal”: A qualitative study exploring MSW students’ experiences in a weight stigma course
Sarah Sullivan et al., University of Denver
Poster  Words are heavy: A review of current literature on terminology related to body size
Molly Robbins et al., Nova Southeastern University
Day 2
8:30-9:00 Refreshments
9:00-10:00 Keynote Speaker
  Shilo George
Łush Kumtux Tumtum Consulting
Body sovereignty: Addressing weight stigma, building bridges of care
10:15-11:00 Oral Presentations: Theme 3 – Weight stigma in the academy
  Are researchers perpetuating weight stigma? Construction of the “maternal habitus” in research on weight stigma in pregnancy
Jenny Cole, Keele University
  What’s the big fat deal? The experience of fat students in college
Andrea Melrose Guimaraes, Lindenwood University
  Pathways and pitfalls to conducting ethical research on promoting weight inclusive physical activity
Sara Stanley, Megan Sutton, Western University
11:15-12:15 Breakout Sessions 4
  Ethics and pedagogy in health education: Interventions for change
Nancy Ellis-Ordway, Private Practice
  Eating disorder trauma-informed yoga and its effects on participants’ internalized weight stigma
Jessica Smith, University of Maryland; Tessa Gordon, Embodying Hope
12:15-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:15 Oral Presentations: Theme 4 – Weight Stigma in Healthcare
  Harmful consequences of BMI-restrictive criteria for accessing assisted reproductive technologies in the United Kingdom
Rebecca Muir et al., Queen Mary University of London
  Joint reconstruction BMI cutoff justifications of Californian orthopaedic surgeons
Blaine A Christiansen et al., UC Davis
  “I just wanted the same treatment as everybody else”: Weight stigma in higher levels of care for eating disorders
Erin Harrop et al., University of Denver
14:30-15:30 Breakout Sessions 5
  Weight stigma in the trauma field: Why it happens and what we can do
Judith Matz, Author, Private Practice; Rachel Millner, Private Practice
  How should we be building lived experience into weight stigma research? Your chance to help set the agenda for better real-word research design
Hugh Bidstrup, La Trobe University, Australian Catholic University; Angela Meadows, University of Essex
15:30-16:00 Refreshments
16:00-16:45 Oral Presentations: Theme 5 – Interventions to Reduce Weight Stigma
  Challenges and successes in reducing weight stigma with a short intervention
Cynthia Smith, University of Alberta
  Reducing Anti-Fat Bias Toward the Self and Others: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Emily Kramer et al., University of Colorado, Boulder
  Love-weight relationship: Reducing the impact of weight stigma through an academic for-credit seminar
Sophie Orr et al., UC Davis
16:45-17:00 Close and Prizes

Prize winners 2023

Best oral presentation: Sophie Orr, Love-weight relationship: Reducing the impact of weight stigma through an academic for-credit seminar

Best poster presentation: Sarah Sullivan, “It’s so internalized, and it’s so personal”: A qualitative study exploring MSW students’ experiences in a weight stigma course

Thank you to Dr. Nancy Ellis-Ordway and Rev. Dr. E-K Daufin for donating copies of their books as prizes.

“On fat and faith: Ending weight stigma in yourself, your sanctuary and society” by Rev Dr E-K Daufin. Published by 10-10-10 Publishing. Website and additional resources: OnFatandFaith.com

“Weight stigma in health education: Critical perspectives for pedagogy and practice” edited by Heather Brown and Nancy Ellis-Ordway. Published by Routledge, Studies in the Sociology of Health and Illness series. Publisher link

“Thrive at any weight: Eating to nourish body, soul, and self-esteem” by Nancy Ellis-Ordway. Published by Holtzbrinck. Website and additional resources: neomsw.com