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FYI. British Psychological Society funding opportunities

FYI. Deadline for all grants is 1st July 2016.

1. Postgraduate study visits scheme
Enables PG students to undertake study visits to other institutions related to psychology.
Applicants must be registered for a doctoral degree at a UK university.

2. Postdoctoral study visit scheme

Enables postdoctoral researchers and lecturers in to undertake study visits to other institutions related to psychology. Applicants must have be employed at a UK institution as a postdoctoral researcher or lecturer, and be within three years of the completion of their doctoral research degree in psychology.

Both the postgraduate and postdoctoral study visits scheme, have the six following awards available each year:

More info PG scheme   More info postdoc scheme

3. Research seminar competition

Enable a consortia of institutions to hold at least three scientific seminars that focus on developing and extending the understanding of a psychological process in any field of scientific psychology. Applications must include a minimum of two institutions, with a primary applicant and a co-applicant from each institution of which at least one must be a society member.

Four grants, worth up to £3,000 each, are available. Funding covers travel and accommodation costs for those attending the seminars. More info


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