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Birmingham, 2013

1st Annual International Weight Stigma Conference, 2013

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1st Annual International Weight Stigma Conference
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Session 1 Stigma, stigma all around: The entrenchment of weight stigma in modern culture
Slides Dr Phillippa Deidrichs
University of the West of England
Waif goodbye! Promoting body diversity in media imagery and the role of weight stigma
Slides not available Supersize vs Superskinny: Weight stigma at the intersection of public health and televisual entertainment
Dr Anna Lavis, University of Birmingham
 Slides The de-masculinised fat male in contemporary Hollywood cinema
Barbara Plotz, Kings College London
Session 2 Yes, our voices matter, but are we having the right conversation?
Slides Dr Charlotte Cooper
Nothing about us without us: Fat people and research justice
Slides not available ‘Fatness’: Pathological, political and philosophical thoughts
Katherine Chan, University of York
Slides ‘Until we shed the ingrained belief that thin is beautiful, I fear we are lost!’ An exploration of the role of ‘fat’ talk and how the affective sedimentation of heteronormative practices of femininity can contribute to weight-based stigma
Julie Parsons, University of Plymouth
Session 3 Weight stigma in society: Changing messages, changing norms
Slides not available Sigrún Daníelsdóttir
President of Icelandic Eating Disorders Association & Icelandic Association for Body Respect
The ethics of war: Obesity as a public health issue
Slides From ‘puppy fat’ to overweight: Gender, childhood obesity and social stigma 1940–1970
Martha Kirby, University of Glasgow
Slides Weight stigma after weight loss: Negative evaluations of obesity surgery patients
Jasmine Fardouly, University of New South Wales
Slides The effect of exposure to obesity on judgments about the overweight
Dr Eric Robinson, University of Liverpool
Slides Counter-conditioning as an intervention to modify anti-fat attitudes
Dr Stuart Flint, Sheffield Hallam University
 Performance Voices: Stigma outside the laboratory
  • Amy Godfrey (performer)
    Filmed by Mikael Persson at 2013 Weight Stigma Conference
No video available
  • Alison Brumfitt (performer)
Session 4 Weight stigma in healthcare: Stories from both sides of the desk
Slides Dr Judy Swift
University of Nottingham
The importance of challenging weight bias among healthcare professionals
Slides Do trainee health care professionals believe they should maintain a healthy body weight?
Rebecca McManamon, NHS
Slides Strong, female and Black: Understanding African Caribbean women, body size and health
Nicole Andrews, University of Birmingham
Session 5 Weight stigma and health outcomes: Can stigma ever be good for us?
Slides not available Dr Lenny Vartanian
University of New South Wales
The stress of obesity stigma: Implications for health and wellbeing
Slides Prof Jane Ogden
University of Surrey
The possible positive role of stigma: Keeping a lid on the obesity problem
Session 6 Where to from here: Policy and practice
Slides Dr Lucy Aphramor
Director of Well Founded
Size bias and status syndrome: How should public health be responding to the evidence?

Prize winners

Best oral presentation: Nicole Andrews, University of Birmingham
Best poster presentation: Christa Blanckenberg, University College London

We are grateful to Taylor & Francis/Routledge for donating a copy of Fat Lives: A feminist psychological exploration by Irmgard Tischner as a prize for the best oral presentation during the 2013 conference.


Thank you to all of the sponsors of the 2013 Weight Stigma Conference. The event wouldn’t have been possible without them, so please give them your support.

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