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Canterbury, 2014

2nd Annual International Weight Stigma Conference, 2014

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2nd Annual International Weight Stigma Conference
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Session 1 How We “Look”: Social Costs and Social Solutions
Dr Sarah Riley
University of Aberystwyth
If looks could kill: the social aspect of body image and how we might use that to build resilience
Slides How contact with overweight people is related to how we interact with our bodies and those of others
Anandi Alperin, University of Queensland
Slides Exploring the association between US school nurses’ anti-fat attitudes and their attitudes about the pathological weight control behaviors of female student-athletes
Dr Emily Kroshus, Harvard University
Session 2 iFat: On Screen, Online, and Coming to an App Near You
Slides Dr Emma Rich
University of Bath
‘Digitising Fat’ – Digital technologies, Embodiment and the Governance of Fat?
Slides Weight stigma evident in online discussions of obesity
Dr Aoife De Brun, Newcastle University
When fat meets the makeover
Dr Jayne Raisborough, University of Brighton
Slides Keynote speaker: Dr Robert Carels 
Bowling Green State University
Weight stigma: a socially acceptable prejudice
Session 3 The Weight of Kyriarchy: Insights at the Intersections
Slides Dr Noortje van Amsterdam
Utrech University
Fastidious fatness: an intersectional approach to weight stigmatisation
Slides “Sorry mate, you’re probably a bit too fat to do any of these.” Men’s experiences of weight stigma and its implications
Lorena Lozano, Leeds Metropolitan University
‘Fatness’: What is the real picture?
Katherine Chan, University of York
Session 4 On the Construction and Continuation of Weight Deviance and Discrimination
Slides Dr Lee Monaghan
University of Limerick
Reframing the Stigma of Obesity: Some Sociological Reflections
Medical school climate, experiences of discrimination, and the wellbeing of medical students who are obese or overweight
Dr Sean Phelan, Mayo Clinic
Flying while fat: The cost to human dignity in the capitalist construction of space
Stacy Bias, Goldsmiths, University of London
Slides Practitioner Stream: Weight stigma in practice
  • Designing a set of best practices for the care of higher weight people, Dr Deb Burgard
  • Implications for the patient when nurses view weight as causing Type 2 Diabetes, Cynthia Smith, Darlene McNaughton, Flinders University, Samantha Meyer, University of Waterloo
  • Fattitude: Is it possible for a client to escape the stigma of being fat from their therapists? Jo Reader, University of Bristol
Slides Keynote speaker: Dr Deb Burgard
Fellow, Academy of Eating Disorders; Private practice, Los Altos, CA
The ‘War on Obesity’ makes me sick

Prize winners

Best oral presentation: Lorena Lozano, Leeds Metropolitan University
Best poster presentation: Jenny Setchell, University of Queensland

We are grateful to Oxford University Press for donating a copy of What’s wrong with fat? The war on obesity and its collateral damage by Abigail C Saguy as a prize for the best oral presentation during the 2014 conference.


Thank you to all of the sponsors of the 2014 Weight Stigma Conference. The event wouldn’t have been possible without them, so please give them your support.

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