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FYI. Nuffield Foundation Grants (main applicant must be UK-based)


The Nuffield Foundation invites applications for its grants for research and innovation. These support research, practical experiments or development work in the following areas:

•children and families – helps to ensure that the legal and institutional framework is best adapted to meet the needs of children and families;

•early years education and childcare – funds projects on educational attainment and child development outcomes;

•economic advantages and disadvantages – funds projects on the distribution of individual and household economic well-being;

•education – supports projects in the priority areas of primary education, secondary education transitions, science and mathematics;

•finances of ageing – funds projects related to all aspects of finance, economics and transfers related to individual and population ageing;

•law in society – promotes access to and understanding of the civil and family justice system;

•open door – for projects that improve social well-being and meet trustees’ wider interests but lie outside other programme areas.

The foundation does not usually fund organisations outside the UK or projects that take place outside the UK. Collaboration with partners in other countries, particularly in European or Commonwealth countries, is permitted, but the main applicant needs to be based in the UK.

Grants normally range from £10,000 to £350,000 each, although the majority are worth between £50,000 and £200,000 each. Smaller and larger grants may be awarded in exceptional cases. Funding usually supports projects over four years.

Deadline: 10th October 2016

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