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6th Annual International Weight Stigma Conference, Leeds, 2018

Unlike many conferences, our content is available free of charge to non-delegates. The Weight Stigma Conference is a not-for-profit conference, but we do try and raise money for our annual bursary fund, which allows us to provide financial assistance to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. We would be very grateful if you would make a small donation to the 2019 Weight Stigma Conference Bursary Fund. Thank you.


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Author (2018). Title. Paper/poster/session presented at 6th Annual International Weight Stigma Conference, 18-19 June, Leeds, UK. DOI.

**Presenting authors only listed below. For full authorship list, please see conference brochure**

Prize winnersBest oral presentation: Patricia Thille, University of Toronto/Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada
Best poster presentation: Beatriz Klimeck Gouvêa Gama, Rio de Janeiro State University, BrazilSponsorsThank you to all of the sponsors of the 2018 Weight Stigma Conference. The event wouldn’t have been possible without them, so please give them your support.

Slides Ms Lucy Aphramor
Well Now, UK
Preventing fat stigma and repairing harm:  A practical, pragmatic, radical response for advancing weight justice through public health policy and everyday conversation
Slides Professor Rhiannon Turner
Queens University Belfast, UK
Applying social psychological interventions to tackle weight stigma
Slides Dr Emma Rich
University of Bath, UK
Public health policy, young people and weight stigma: Key considerations and future directions
Symposium: Weight Stigma and Public Health and Public Policy
Slides Applying Critical Systems Heuristics and the Red Lotus Health Promotion Model to critique weight-related public health initiatives and their contribution to weight stigma
Dr Lily O’Hara, Abu Dhabi University, UAE
N/A Reflecting on policy solutions to weight-centered public health
Dr Caitlin O’Reilly, University of British Columbia, Canada
Slides Exploring portrayals of ‘childhood obesity’: Weight stigma in policy, news media, and public perceptions
Beccy Smith, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Slides The social implications of weight bias internalisation: Parents’ ‘ultimate responsibility’ as consent, division and resistance
Dr Sharon Noonan-Gurning, City, University of London, UK
Paper Foregrounding the viscerality of food and fat: Towards an affective political ecological approach in public health
Dr Karin Eli, University of Oxford, UK
Symposium: Issues in Weight Stigma Research
Slides New options for quantification: Introducing the Fat Attitudes Assessment Toolkit
Trish Cain, Murdoch University, Australia
Slides Is there a better way to measure internalised weight stigma: Confirmatory factor analysis of the 19-item Weight Bias Internalization Scale
Dr Angela Meadows, University of Birmingham, UK
Symposium: Weight Discrimination Legislation: An International Comparison
UK legislation
Dr Jeremé Snook, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
Blog EU legislation
Dr Jessica Guth, Leeds Beckett University, UK
N/A US legislation
Sondra Solovay Esq, Discrimination and Diversity Expert, USA
Symposium: Weight Stigma Interventions
Slides Weight bias: Investigating the impact of an empathy-evoking intervention in reducing mental health professionals’ anti-fat attitudes
Tarynne Quirk, City, University of London, UK
Slides Narrative medicine as a novel weight stigma reduction method in medical education
Rachel Fox, University of California San Diego, USA
Slides Decreasing weight bias of pre-service health professionals
Thea Werkhoven, University of Sydney, Australia
Slides Resignifying fat: Fat liberation media as potential intervention bias
Rosalind Major, Davidson College, USA
Symposium: Weight Stigma in Culture and the Media
Slides Are the people tweeting about exercise also tweeting about fat? A descriptive study of twitter communities
Ahuitz Rojas-Sánchez, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France
Slides The metaphorical construction of weight in the media
Tara Coltman-Patel, Nottingham Trent University, UK
Slides The representation of weight, bodies and health in Sport England’s This Girl Can – a multimethod case study
Maddie Sweetman, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Slides “Don’t look at the package. Look at what’s inside: Anti-fat bias in David Levithan’s Every Day”
Judith Schreier, Institute for American Studies, Leipzig, Germany
Paper When fat meets disability in poverty porn: exploring the cultural mechanisms of suspicion in Too Fat to Work
Professor Jayne Raisborough, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Symposium: Weight Stigma in Healthcare
N/A (Mis)Information and stigma: Challenges for higher-weight women during family planning and pregnancy
Kara Fransisco, University of Florida, USA
Slides “Don´t bother visiting the doctor if it´s anything from the waist down!”: Fat women’s experiences in medical settings in Spain
Nina Navajas-Pertegás, Universitat de València, Spain
Slides Uncovering weight bias in therapists’ responses to risk for clients with Eating Disorders
Kel O’Neill, University of East London, UK
Slides Knowledge brokering: (mis)Aligning population knowledge with care of fat bodies in clinical settings
Dr Patricia Thille, University of Toronto/Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Canada
Symposium: Weight Stigma, Health and Wellbeing
Slides Social identity threat and the implications of weight stigma on healthcare avoidance
Dr Janell Mensinger, Drexel University, USA
Slides Inhospitable chairs: Everyday insults that negatively impact higher-weight individuals
Janet K Keeler, University of South Florida, St Petersburg, USA
Slides Does weight stigma hurt? Exploring the overlap between social and physical pain
Dr KayLoni Olson, Brown University, USA
Symposium: Stigma and Weight Loss Surgery
Slides Healthism and experiences of social, healthcare, and self-stigma in higher-weight women
Alejandro Jiménez-Loaisa, Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Spain
Slides Stigma and surgery: A qualitative investigation into face-saving behaviors among bariatric surgery patients
Nicholas Eckhart, Central Michigan University, USA
Slides Stigma and the social experience of weight loss surgery
Dr Barbara Hansen, Henderson State University, USA
Breakout Sessions
Slides Workshop: Weight stigma in critical psychology: The praxis of challenging healthism
Lauren Munro, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Slides Workshop: Waking up to the reality of weight stigma in safe spaces
Dr Rachel Porter, Carolina House Eating Disorders Treatment Center, USA
Poster Pregnancy and maternal weight: The experience of stigmatised risk
Alice Keely, University of Leeds, UK
Poster The experiences of pregnant women with a raised body mass index regarding their communication with midwives and other healthcare professionals
Jenny Cunningham, Royal Devon & Exeter Foundation Trust/University of Plymouth, UK
Poster NHS Highland’s Healthy Weight Strategy: Is the Well Now message being received in a constructive way?
Kara Hicks, University of the Highlands and Islands, UK
Poster Attitudes and weight bias in Dutch health care professionals
R. Camfferman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Poster The challenge of teaching students a positive attitude towards the patient with overweight or obesity
Dr Karen Salvo, Universidad del Desarollo, Chile
Poster A validation study of the Health and Weight Attitudes Scale with UK undergraduate physical activity, nutrition and health students
S-A Starkey, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Poster A pilot study to examine the impact of class-based activity on undergraduates’ awareness of their implicit and explicit weight attitudes and perceptions
S-A Starkey, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Poster Stigmatizing attitudes and approach/avoidance responses toward higher-weight exercisers among exercise science students
Ahuitz Rojas-Sánchez, Université Grenoble-Alpes, France
Poster When we become them: Internalised weight stigma among obesity professionals
Dr Judy Anne Swift, University of Nottingham, UK
Poster Should the soft drinks industry levy (“The sugar tax”) be framed as a childhood obesity intervention?
Ola Anabtawi, University of Nottingham, UK
Poster The effect of weight stigma on eating and exercise behaviour among adolescents
Dr Natasha Magson, Macquarie University, Australia
Poster The role of weight stigma in disordered eating perceptions: An anthropological approach
Beatriz Klimeck Gouvêa Gama, Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil
Poster The effect of body shame and self-criticism on wellbeing: Prospective associations in a sample of participants of a community-based weight management programme
C. Duarte, University of Leeds, UK
Poster Women’s lived experiences of fatness
Lucinda D Richardson, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Poster Assessing self-compassion as a function of BMI
Ann Vincent, University of South Wales, UK
Poster Prevalence of anti-fat bias and other discrimination in college students
Sharon Bernecki DeJoy, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA
Poster Suffolk against sizeism: Perceived controllability of obesity predicts support for anti-weight discrimination legislation
Martin Čadek, Leeds Beckett University, UK
Poster Can imagined contact really reduce weight stigma?
Kiran Purewal, University of Kent, UK
Poster Exploring stigma and (disordered) eating in a non-clinical peer support compassion group
Helen James, Nutriri, UK
Poster Generating new approaches to stigma reduction interventions: Recommendations from the 2017 Weight Stigma Conference
Trish Cain, Murdoch University, Australia
Poster Do body mass and weight bias internalization predict women’s experience of romantic relationships?
Ruth Cohn, John F Kennedy University, USA
Poster “Obese” attributions made by adolescents and young adults
Kelsey Rose, University of Michigan, USA