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FYI. New journal brings hope for rejected (or never submitted) papers


This is not your everyday run of the mill Call for Papers.
Instead, we explicitly want to ask you to submit your work that has so far been rejected everywhere!
Specifically, the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) hereby cordially invites you to take a moment to open your file drawers, look up those papers you didn’t manage to get published, and submit them to Health Psychology Bulletin.
As you may know, the EHPS is actively working to improve the integrity of Health Psychology science, and as a result, the integrity of our evidence base. To this end, the EHPS has founded Health Psychology Bulletin (HPB), an innovative journal designed to remedy publication bias.
HPB, while also welcoming regular contributions, explicitly invites submissions of null findings, replications (regardless of the outcome), and reports of failed manipulations. In fact, although the HPB reviewing procedure is as rigorous as you can expect from an EHPS journal, reviewers and editors are instructed to not reject papers because of methodological errors or insufficient power.  Instead, at HPB the reviewing procedure is a collaborate effort where authors and reviewers work together to make sure the paper is a transparent documentation of the conducted research. The focus is on learning what can be learned, making sure we, as a field, don’t repeat the same mistakes, and enabling accurate meta-analysis of the total sum of our findings.
So, please take a moment, and dig out that one paper that for some reason, no journal seems to understand, and submit it to HPB!
The EHPS has taken the first big step to a less biased health psychology literature – we need you to take the next step!
For more details, see the editorial at http://healthpsychbull.com/articles/10.5334/hpb.2 or contact one of the editors (see http://healthpsychbull.com/about/editorialteam for the editorial team).
Note that HPB is a peer reviewed, fully open access journal with a low APC of €500 (€400 for EHPS members) to cover publication costs. There is no charge for submissions.
We look forward to your submission!
On behalf of the editorial board,
The HPB Editors-In-Chief,
Gerjo Kok and Gjalt-Jorn Peters


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