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FYI. Call for papers: 4th International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference


The 4 th Irish Conference on Narrative Inquiry welcomes papers / posters / performances from across the social sciences and creative disciplines that have a theoretical, methodological and/or creative interest in narrative. The overall theme of the conference this year is on narrating neoliberalism in an Irish context. Local, national and global stories and narratives tell of the impacts of austerity; of the historical silence on institutional sexism, racism, disablism, social class and homophobia; of the fluidity of storytelling and w hat is considered ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’. In this context we invite contributions that address the ‘social role of stories’: the ways they are produced, the ways they are read, the work they perform in the wider social order, how they change, and their role i n the political process (Plummer, 1995). Themes can include:

  • narratives of education
  • gender and narrative
  • narrative s of resistance
  • narratives of health , illness and the body
  • developments in the field of narrative inquiry
  • political storytelling

About the conference:

4th International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference: Narrating Neo-Liberalism in an Irish Context

Institute of Technology, Sligo

April 19th / 20th 2018

Keynote Speaker: Professor Brett Smith

Professor Smith is the Head of Research in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences in the University of Birmingham. His r esearch interests include disability, physical activity, health, and well – being; the development of qualitative research and narrative inquiry. He is the founder and former editor of the international journal ‘Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, & Health’. He has published extensively on narrative inquiry and sits on the editorial boards of many international journals.

Hosted by Institute of Technology, Sligo , the conference is coorganised and supported by Maynooth University and the National University of Ireland Galway. The conference aims to bring together a wide range of Irish and international scholars to show case recent developments in narrative inquiry.

Conference Organisers:

Dr Jacqueline O’ Toole, IT Sligo

Dr Grace O’ Grady, Maynooth University

Dr Anne Byrne, National University of Ireland, Galway

Submission details:

Abstracts for Papers / Performances / Posters ( c300 words) by February 1 st , 2018.

Submit abstracts to : Dr Jacqueline O’Toole: otoole.jacqueline@itsligo.ie

Please ensure you entitle the abstract clearly and provide a short bio. All presentations based on original research must have received relevant ethics approval. Completed contributions and “work in progress” contributions are most welcome.

Full papers and performance to last 20 minutes.

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