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FYI. Small graduate student research grants for feminist research

Janet Shibley Hyde Graduate Student Research Grants

Due: March 15, 2019 (2/year, deadlines March 15 & September 15)

These $500 grants are made possible through the generosity of Janet Shibley Hyde, PhD, who donates the royalties from her book, Half the Human Experience, to support feminist research by doctoral psychology students.

Eligibility: Applicants must be currently enrolled in doctoral programs in psychology. Past recipients of Hyde Graduate Student Research Grants are not eligible to apply. Because the purpose of this award is to facilitate research that otherwise might not be possible, projects that are beyond the data analysis stage are not eligible.


  1. Cover page with project title, investigator’s name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address
  2. A 100-word abstract
  3. A proposal (5-page maximum, double-spaced) addressing the project’s purpose, theoretical rationale, and procedures, including how the method and data analysis stem from the proposed theory and purpose. (References are not included in this 5-page limit.)
  4. A one-page statement articulating the study’s relevance to feminist goals and importance to feminist research.
  5. The expected timeline for progress and completion of the project (including the date of the research proposal committee meeting if applicable). The project timeline should not exceed two years.
  6. A faculty sponsor’s recommendation, which includes why the research cannot be funded, or funded in full, by other sources. This letter should be attached to the email with the application materials. Please do not send it separately.
  7. Status of IRB review process, including expected date of IRB submission and approval. Preference will be given to proposals that have received approval.
  8. An itemized budget (if additional funds are needed to ensure completion of the project, please specify sources). Funds cannot be used for tuition, living expenses, or travel to present research at a conference.
  9. The applicant’s curriculum vitae
  10. All sections of the proposal should be typed and prepared according to APA style (e.g., please use 12-point font)

A group of psychologists (reviewers) will evaluate the proposals for theoretical and methodological soundness, relevance to feminist goals, applicant’s training and qualifications to conduct the research, and feasibility of completing the project.

Only one application will be accepted per student for each application deadline.  Applicants who are involved in multiple projects that meet the submission requirements should choose the project that best fits the evaluation criteria.

Within 18 months of receipt of the grant, recipients are expected to submit to the Hyde Grants Committee co-chairs a complete and final copy of the research document (e.g., a copy of the thesis, dissertation, or journal manuscript based on the sponsored research) along with a 500-word abstract/summary for publication in Division 35 newsletter. In addition, grant recipients shall acknowledge the funding source in the author’s notes in all publications.

Hyde Grant winners will be announced at the APA convention during Division 35 Social Hour. The names of the Hyde award winners may also be posted in Division 35 newsletter as well as on Division 35 website and the electronic mailing list.

Please send all application materials attached to a single e-mail message to both of the Hyde Award Co-chairs: Dr. Alexandra Zelin (Alexandra-zelin@utc.edu) and Dr. Stephanie Parisien (parisien_03@hotmail.com).

Please note that previous winners are ineligible from applying for future Hyde Award Grants. Applicants who received Honorable Mentions are able to reapply with a different project.