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FYI. New book on stigma – Call for chapter abstract submissions


Routledge / Taylor & Francis is working with Alicia Nordstrom, Ph.D. and Wind Goodfriend, Ph.D. to create a new edited volume tentatively titled “Innovative Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Programs.” We are seeking abstract submissions from potential author contributors.

The purpose of the book is to summarize evidence-based, innovative anti-stigma programs. Importantly, the audience of potential readers is both an academic audience and a general audience of people who may implement the programs across a variety of fields (e.g., in the workplace, in schools, in communities). Thus, the language and tone of chapters will be conversational and accessible to all audiences.

We hope to include chapters that vary in (1) form of stigma (e.g., race, disability, sexual orientation, body size, SES, mental health, physical health, religion, and more) and (2) form or type of intervention (e.g., experiential, cognitive, direct contact, narrative, video or media-based).  We strongly encourage contributors from around the world to bring multicultural perspectives to this topic.

Interventions included in the book may or may not have been published in other outlets before. So, authors who have already published their intervention research in peer-reviewed journals may still contribute to this volume (but should cite that article). The book’s emphasis is both academic and practical. Chapters will follow this general structure:

  • Introduction (1-2 paragraphs), followed by headers/sections including (1) “Theoretical background” [specific to your form of stigma and form of intervention], (2) “Our intervention” [describe your intervention in detail, like a “how to” guide], (3) “Evidence it works and limitations” [present research results on effectiveness as well as potential intervention barriers], and (4) “References/List of further readings.”

Contributors will not be paid for their chapter, but each author or author team will receive one free copy of the final book (one free copy per chapter).

Authors interested in contributing to the volume should submit an abstract (approximately 500 words plus relevant references). Abstract submissions are due by January 1, 2020. Authors will be notified whether their chapter has been accepted for the book by January 31, with first drafts due by May 1, 2020. Chapters will be between 3500-5500 words long. Approximately 15 chapters will be included in the book.

Please send your abstracts or questions to both Dr. Alicia Nordstrom (anordstrom@misericordia.edu) and to Dr. Wind Goodfriend (goodfriend@bvu.edu).