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Open letter to late-night TV hosts – collecting signatures

Hi all. Along with some amazing colleagues, we have penned an open letter to US late night TV hosts asking them to stop using fat phobic humour. We are trying to collect signatories from, especially, people with academic or professional credentials, including activist organisations. If you would like to sign, please add your signature and please feel free to send to colleagues who might also wish to sign. Also please feel free to share on your professional social media if you feel comfortable!

The final document has a preface that you can use as a template of sorts to send to individuals asking them to sign, if you so wish.

Because the presidential election is coming up quick -we are hoping to get signatures by October 13th so we can get the letters into late night hosts hands ASAP.
Here is the link for the final document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y5206aqfUArDzTwUOh70XqtGjrdXRXR3hTpGbNxpC_U/edit?usp=sharing