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FYI. CfP: Building a Socially and Culturally Responsive Psychology


Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne

Special issue: Building a socially and culturally responsive psychology

Special issue editors:

  • Dr. Vina Goghari, editor, Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne
  • Dr. Anusha Kassan, editorial board member, Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienn

Deadline: December 1, 2021

More information: https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/cap/building-socially-culturally-responsive-psychology

Psychology as a discipline is facing unprecedented socio-political pressures for systemic change in the breadth and depth of our theories and conceptualizations, scholarship, training, and pathways to the profession with a focus on anti-oppression, anti-racism, decolonization, critical psychology, diversity and intersectionality, social justice, and human rights.

This special issue seeks to honour and highlight the voices of, multiple ways of knowing, and systemic conceptualizations that extend our traditional methodologies and include, but are not limited to, Indigenous, Black, racialized, international, intercultural, and minoritized perspectives.

Potential manuscripts could focus on:

  • the impact of identity on mental health
  • equity, diversity, and inclusion models of training in psychology
  • identity-based discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • everyday racism and microaggressions
  • different ways in which ableism manifests in psychological practice, training, and research
  • decolonizing ethical frameworks
  • nonwestern conceptualizations of psychological phenomena
  • Indigenous ways of knowing
  • intergenerational trauma in various racialized and minoritized communities
  • the needs and experiences of newcomer communities, and so on

We encourage submissions from all disciplines of psychology and affiliated fields. We hope these will include representation from authors with both lived and scholarly experience as Indigenous, racialized, and/or minoritized individuals.

About the editor Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Psychology: Dr. Vina Goghari, seeks to, among other things, broaden the diversity of viewpoints and methodological approaches covered in the journal. Learn more about Dr. Goghari’s goals.

About the journal: Published in partnership with the Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne publishes generalist articles in areas of theory, research, practice, education, and policy that are of interest to a broad cross-section of psychologists. The journal accepts submissions in either English or French. Access the journal.