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FYI. UK Fat studies conference: Fat Across Time. CfA


Venue: The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom 

When: Monday 10th July 2023 

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st March 2023


Gemma Gibson (G.L.Gibson@sheffield.ac.uk

Carlie Pendleton (cpend001@gold.ac.uk

Twitter: @FatAcrossTime

We are excited to invite abstracts for papers and presentations for the FAT (Fat Across Time) Conference at The University of Sheffield. By definition Fat Studies includes anyone who studies fatness, therefore, while we expect to receive abstracts from academics we also encourage submissions from activists, artists, journalists and other professionals in any discipline related to fat. 

Fat Studies is an interdisciplinary field that prioritises the experiences of people in fat bodies and the worlds, societies and cultures they live in. Fat Studies scholars reject the pathologization of fatness and seek to find alternative discourses around fat that centre social justice. 

All submissions related to Fat Studies are welcome but please be aware that this conference is directly related to Fat Studies so we will not be accepting papers that focus on ‘obesity’ or ‘overweight’ (unless, of course, there is critical exploration of these terms). 

In your submission please include your name, the title of your presentation or paper, a 250 word abstract and a short bio. Topics of interest may include but are not limited to: 

  • Queering fatness 
  • Fat feminisms 
  • Fat history and futures 
  • Fat activism
  • Fat and identity 
  • Fat policy 
  • Fat representation 
  • Fat art and performance 
  • Fat and the media 
  • Fat geographies 
  • Theoretical and methodological approaches to fatness 
  • Living as a fat person and fat (auto)biography 
  • Boundaries of fatness

Abstracts should be sent to G.L.Gibson@sheffield.ac.uk AND cpend001@gold.ac.uk and should be titled with your name and ‘FAT2023’. We welcome informal enquiries prior to the deadline.

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