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FYI. Position available: Body Justice Fellowship with Fat Legal Advocacy, Rights, and Education


Note, recruitment opened in February, but this position is still open.

Seeking Independent Contractor for Body Justice Fellowship


All people deserve the freedom to thrive, yet very few laws exist that specifically outlaw discrimination based on body size. This is true even though body size discrimination affected 34 million people in 2019 and disproportionately impacts people based on race and other protected characteristics. We see this when a woman gets passed over for a promotion at work because she gained weight; a patient is denied adequate health care because they don’t fit into the MRI machine, or a teenager can’t find an outfit for prom because clothing stores won’t carry their size. This discrimination can lead to loss of wages, depression, anxiety and difficulty getting necessary, life-saving medical care.

Without including body size, weight and height, our current civil rights laws are incomplete. Corporations, legislators and advocates everywhere have the power to minimize the harmful impacts of body size discrimination and help folks of every size succeed in all areas of their lives.


Fat Legal Advocacy, Rights, and Education (FLARE) is a project of the Law Office of Brandie Solovay. FLARE, the only US-based legal project focused on fat liberation issues, is recruiting a body justice fellow to support work to end body size discrimination. The fellow will communicate directly with attorney Brandie Solovay.

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct legal research and writing on the issue of body size, weight and height discrimination.
  • Support access, advocacy, and legal research projects.
  • Draft a comprehensive white paper about the status of legal rights for higher-weight people and the push for making body size discrimination illegal in states and municipalities across the country. The white paper will include real-life stories of people who have experienced discrimination and recommendations for policies that states and cities should pass to protect fat people from discrimination at home, work, school, and in medical care settings.
  • Attend civil rights/legal conferences and events as needed to create  connections that could support the ongoing work.
  • Attend meetings to share ongoing research and insights with partners to support efforts to pass anti-body size discrimination laws in MA, VT, NY, NYC and NJ.
  • Participate in media interviews and other campaign activities to help educate target audiences about this issue through an intersectional lens, as well as provide select social media services.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Proven ability to self-manage as an independent contractor.
  • Strong background in size/weight advocacy and civil rights law related to body size or weight discrimination, policy and legislative advocacy, accessibility, and/or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of weight-neutral health approaches, weight-related studies, and the medical science relating to body size.
  • Impeccable, efficient writing and research skills.
  • Publication credits and proven track record of successful independent writing projects.
  • Deep understanding of intersectionality and its application to body size discrimination.
  • Press, public speaking, social media, and communication prowess.
  • Ability to identify industry decision-makers, initiate contact, establish connections, be persuasive, and develop ongoing relationships.
  • Passion for ending body size discrimination and for improving equity and justice for higher weight people.

Compensation and Details:

This 12-month paid fellowship is a fully remote independent contractor position. The compensation is $42,000 to $50,000 depending on projects completed.  Projects and scope will be agreed upon once the candidate is selected.

How to apply:

Interested applicants should fill out this Google Form. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting in February 2023.

The Law Office of Brandie Solovay is an equal opportunity employer that prohibits unlawful discrimination against any employee, independent contractor, or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, age, national origin, genetic characteristics, disability, status as a specific disabled veteran or veteran, marital status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or any other basis prohibited under law.

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