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Weight Stigma Conference 2015 in Iceland

I’m happy to announce that the 2015 Weight Stigma Conference will be held in Reykjavic, Iceland, and will be hosted by Sigrún Daníelsdóttir in conjunction with the Icelandic Association for Body Respect. Sigrún is a psychologist specialising in body image, eating disorders and weight prejudice, and has led the fight for body respect and equality in her country for the past decade. She is author of the children’s book “Your body is brilliant – body respect for children”.

The date of the conference has not been set yet and we are considering two main options: either last week of June/first week of July OR first week of September. We realise that the organisation of the academic year is different in different countries and makes it difficult for some people to attend at some times. If you would like to attend and have a strong preference for one date or the other, or if you could do both dates, could you please let us know, either by email or by commenting on this post on the website.



  1. Bev Everest says:

    The first week in September would be preferable as June/July is a very busy time with the new midwifery students from our April cohorts and finishing students from our September cohorts

  2. Kay says:

    I can’t afford to attend this but having attended a wonderful virtual Fat Activism conference in 2014, I wonder whether there could be an online component to this conference. See link for more on the Fat Activism Conference

    • weightstigmaconference says:

      Hi Kay, We’re looking into streaming and recording options but this is not definite yet. Glad you liked the FAC – I was one of the speakers 😛 (And they had unbelievable problems with the technical side for non-US ‘attendees’.)

  3. Fiona says:

    Early September is too hectic within the university system so late June/early July would be better…but as departmental funding for international conferences is tightening, I would probably need to wait for a UK based conference unfortunately-we usually have to ear mark which conferences we are looking to submit to/attend at the beginning of each academic year, so if you happen to know the location for 2016 if you could launch this early that might help!

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