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FYI. Special issue of Self and Identity: Identity Fusion


CALL FOR PAPERS: Self and Identity, special issue on identity fusion

Deadline for proposals: 19th May 2017

When people “fuse with” a group, the combined force of social and personal identities may manifest itself. The motivational implications of such a union are profound, as they may include extreme sacrifices for the group, including self-sacrifice.

This special issue of Self and Identity will take research on identity fusion beyond its “dark side” (e.g. terrorism and aggression against out-groups) to include more positive consequences (e.g. ingroup helping, well-being effects, etc.). We are also interested in publishing research on antecedents of identity fusion (e.g. contexts or practices that increase and decrease the likelihood of becoming “fused”) as well as antecedents of “de-fusion” (e.g. contexts and practices that lead people to become less “fused”). Moreover, we are encouraging submissions that consider identity fusion through the lens of developmental and lifespan psychology. Finally, we encourage submissions that include diverse samples with particular emphasis on international samples. Other topics related to identity fusion, especially those that are theoretically or methodologically innovative, will also be considered.

Prospective authors should submit a one-page (single-spaced) abstract that includes information about the purpose of the study, sample, methods, and preliminary results. Proposals for brief reports are also welcome.

Abstracts should be submitted to both Guest Editors – Bill Swann (Swann@utexas.edu) and Sanaz Talaifar (Stalaifar@gmail.com) – by May 19, 2017.
Full manuscripts of submissions that we invite to move forward will be due September 1, 2017. We are also asking that authors who are invited to submit full manuscripts also review two other manuscripts for this special issue.

Please direct any inquiries (e.g., about suitability, timeline, etc.) to the Guest Editors, Bill Swann (Swann@utexas.edu) and Sanaz Talaifar (Stalaifar@gmail.com).