10th Annual Weight Stigma Conference

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WSC 2018 Bursary Fund

It’s that time of year again. The 6th Annual International Weight Stigma Conference is being held in Leeds, UK on June 18-19, less than three months away.  The conference is not-for-profit and we set the prices to break even only – this year only £130 for the two days (early bird rate – until April 15th).

Because of this, though, we don’t have a surplus to fund bursaries for people on low incomes. We try and raise sponsorship from corporate sponsors, but those with the deep pockets are usually not a good match for the ethos of the WSC. Since 2016, we’ve been crowdfunding a Bursary Fund, and thanks to the generosity of the weight stigma community,  we raised enough to provide seven bursaries to the 2016 conference and six full and two partial bursaries to the 2017 conference.

We’re hoping to do it again this year. We would be so grateful if you could spare the price of a cup of coffee (or more!) to help make this possible. And please do share the GoFundMe page among your networks. It only takes a moment to donate and makes a huge difference to the people who receive a bursary.

Thank you so much,


PS. Poster submission is still open.

PPS. If you’re attending the conference, you can also donate on the registration page. We are also happy to accept sponsorship in other forms, for example, if you are attending and have a spare bed in your room, we can match you up with somebody who would have trouble affording travel and accommodation. If you’re applying for a travel grant, how about including a request for a small donation to the Bursary Fund – we’ve had some success with that already. Both of these ideas came from researchers in the field who attend the WSC. This is a great community and your support is so valued.