10th Annual Weight Stigma Conference

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FYI. CfA. Fat Studies: Rights, Personhood, Disposability

FYI. Posted on behalf of Fat Studies conference.

We are pleased to invite papers for consideration in the upcoming Fat Studies: Rights, Personhood, Disposability conference. This online conference will provide the opportunity for academics and activists around the world to consider fat rights, personhood, and disposability. We encourage papers and performances from academics, researchers, intellectuals, scholars, activists, and artists, in any field of study, and at any stage in their career.

Presentation topics may include, but are not limited to

Fat rights, Fat citizenship, Fat personhood, Fatness & disposability, Fatness & disability, Fat Indigeneity, Queering fat, Fat histories, Disrupting fatness, Living fat, Biopolitics of fatness, Cross-cultural or global constructions of fatness and fat bodies, Geography and lived experience of fatness and fat bodies, Theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding the construction, pathologisation, and/or representations, of fatness, Fat pasts, present, futures, Fat in the Global South

All presentations are to be 15 minutes long and will be pre-recorded and made available to the conference participants online on demand before, during, and after the conference for a set period of time. All abstracts and presentation transcripts must be in English, but presenters are welcome to record their presentation in their native language. Abstracts may be between 250-500 words.

Activists and students are especially welcome to submit.

Check out https://www.fsnz.org/fsnz-2022 for more!