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FYI. CfP Special issue on Time in Stigma & Health Research


Call for Papers: Stigma and Health is therefore hosting a special issue focused on the role of time in stigma and health research.

Special Issue Guest Editors: Valerie A. Earnshaw & Annie B. Fox
Submission Deadline: August 1, 2023

Stigma is constantly changing, whether at the societal level, with human development, or simply over time. Despite the inherent fluidity of stigma, our theories, research, and interventions typically treat associations between stigma and health as stagnant.

We seek high quality manuscripts that consider associations between stigma and health in relation to three timescales:

(1) Structural change: possible topics include characterizing changes in structural-level stigma over time, including how these changes impact individual-level experiences of stigma and health outcomes; (2) Human development: possible topics include identifying sensitive periods for stigma, and characterizing how experiences of stigma change over the life course and impact health; and (3) Stigma course: possible topics include studies of how experiences of stigma, and associations between stigma and health, evolve as stigmatized statuses are gained or lost.

Further information: https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/sah/time-stigma-health-research