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Attn: WSC poster presenters only

Hi poster presenters. I have heard that some people have not received the information about poster specifications. It is possible that some institutional email filters are a bit over-zealous. If this is you, read on. And if you haven’t submitted a poster, but would like to, you have until Sunday this week!

As this is a hybrid conference, we w ill be having posters both in digital format and as real-life posters present in Denver (even if you aren’t there with them).This does mean that if you are attending online-only, you will still need to arrange to have your poster be in Denver.

The posterboard dimensions are 4 ft x 4 ft, or approximately 1.21 x 1.21 metres. This means they can accommodate pretty much any standard size you want, in either portrait or landscape format. For more on standard sizes see https://www.papersizes.org/

See below for further information and tips:

Please email us your digital poster (PDF/PPT format) to the conference email address no later than 21st June. You may record a short talk to go with your poster if you would like to do that. This is not compulsory. If you want to do this, please send the talk to us when you send us your poster and we will upload them together.

If you are travelling with your poster, consider printing it on canvas and it can fold down into your hand luggage. If you are carrying a poster tube, label it with your name and your destination hotel/address in Denver, just in case.

If you are presenting your poster in absentia (i.e., attending online only), you have two options.
First, have your poster printed locally to you and mail it to us (address below).
Alternatively, you can arrange to have the poster printed at a Denver print shop and delivered to us (see below). This will likely be the easier (and cheaper) option. You must pay for your own poster printing. Your poster must arrive no later than 26th June. We will not be able to return posters unless you pay for shipping. Let us know if you want to do this.

Having your poster printed in Denver:

* FedEx office near the venue: Link A 24″ x 36″ poster on matte paper (just above A1 size https://www.papersizes.org/ costs $34.50. Other sizes and paper options available. They can also print on cloth but you’d have to get in touch with them for that. Let them know when you place your order that it is for the Weight Stigma Conference, 28th June, Embassy Suites Denver Downtown. If you arrange for your poster to be ready by 26th June, and notify us, we will collect it for you. Otherwise, you will have to arrange for it to be delivered to the venue ($20 fee). Obviously, feel free to use any printer, but we will only be collecting from this store, which is the closest to the venue.

* Alternatively, we have been told about this company: https://www.spoonflower.com/presentation-posters who have cheap printing on cloth and even with rush-delivery included, this is very economical. See below for delivery address.

If you are mailing your poster to us, or arranging it to be delivered by a printing company, please use the following address: (to arrive NOT EARLIER than 24th June)

c/o Angela Meadows, DOA 06/24/23
Weight Stigma Conference
C/O Embassy Suites Denver Downtown Convention Center
1420 Stout Street
Denver, CO 80202, USA

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