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Call for papers: Appetite special issue: Weight stigma & eating behaviours

Just a reminder, following on from last year’s WSC, conference sponsor Appetite journal will be publishing a special issue on weight stigma and eating behaviours, with guest editors Rob Carels (2014 Keynote Speaker) and Janet Latner. Please contact Prof Carels directly with any questions.


Call for papers: Appetite, special issue: Weight Stigma and Eating Behaviours
Guest editors: Robert Carels, East Carolina University, Janet Latner, University of Hawaii

Weight stigma and discrimination are ubiquitous and produce a number of detrimental individual and societal costs. Individuals with obesity are often characterized unfavorably (e.g., “lazy,” “weak-willed,”) and negative weight-based stereotypes are widespread. In one study, nearly 40% of obese individuals with a BMI > 35 report weight-based discrimination. Research suggests that weight bias may be related to psychological distress, body image issues, decreased physical activity, increased body weight, and poor weight loss outcomes. In addition, weight bias may have an especially important relationship to maladaptive eating behaviours.

In this special issue, we aim to examine the relationship between weight stigma and eating behaviours. The plan is to advance this field of research by bringing together new findings about weight stigma and eating behaviours. Multidisciplinary approaches and perspectives are welcome.

This special issue is open to various assessments of weight stigma (explicit, implicit, internalized, etc.) or experienced stigma or discrimination among people of varying body size. Eating behaviors may include, but are not limited to binge eating, restrained eating, disinhibited eating, mindful eating, caloric intake, macronutrient content, emotional eating, compensatory behaviors, etc. We invite submissions by researchers from different disciplines conducting relevant research. Full length papers including empirical reports (e.g., experimental or other high quality research designs) and theoretical reviews will be published. Reviews may be of any length consistent with succinct presentation, subdivided as appropriate to the subject matter.

Please note, we are having a rolling submission deadline via the Appetite submission portal http://ees.elsevier.com/appetite/.

Submission deadline: Last submission accepted 1 September 2015
Acceptance deadline: Last acceptance no later than 1 December 2015
Expected Publication date: 25 January 2016

Enquiries about suitability of a paper for inclusion can be made to Robert Carels: carelsr14@ecu.edu