10th Annual Weight Stigma Conference

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Weight Stigma listserv

I’d like to inform you about a Yahoo Groups weight stigma listserv that we started after the first WSC in 2013.

Weight Stigma Special Interest Group

A community of researchers, healthcare professionals, and anybody else with an interest in weight stigma. The group will encompass topics including research, practice, and public policy, and provide a forum for discussion, debate, and networking.

The group isn’t very active yet but it’d be good to get some more discussions going on there. Also, there have been a handful of interesting job openings, calls for proposals etc, of late, and from now on I will post them to the Yahoo listserv rather than to the conference mailing list (the one you’re signed up to if you’re reading this in your email). The conference mailing list will be used mainly for conference-related notices.

Feel free to also post your notices over there.

Hope to see you over on Yahoo! https://uk.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/weightstigma/info