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FYI. Call for book proposals: Protest, Media and Culture

Call for Book Proposals: Protest, Media and Culture

We would like to draw your attention to the ‘Protest, Media and Culture’ Book Series that we are editing for Rowman and Littlefield International.

Series Editors: Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido (Canterbury Christ Church University) and Professor Stuart Price (De Montfort University)

The book series ‘Protest, Media and Culture’ publishes edited collections and monographs dedicated to the study and analysis of an irrepressible phenomenon: the worldwide resurgence of social, cultural, political and economic discontent. The evidence for this development is found in the constant appearance of contentious activities, which emerge from a fundamental conflict between formal authority and those forces that, for a variety of reasons, attempt to censure, oppose, alter or even destroy the perceived iniquities of the ‘dominant’ social order. The series will make particular reference to the mediated character of protest and dissent, but will also encompass theoretical, organisational and practical issues, and will include both historical and contemporary examples.

The term ‘Protest’ identifies the visible act of collective resistance; ‘Media’ acts (variously) to suppress, amplify, or reconfigure this act; and ‘Culture’ designates the active interactional ‘space’ that allows the various meanings animated by protest to circulate. The Series Editors share an approach to Protest and Mediated Culture that emerged from their work in the interdisciplinary field of Media Discourse. Our call is for proposals that may touch upon, but which are not necessarily limited to, the following thematic headings:

  • Protest, Media and Communication
  • Gender and Protest
  • Cultural Studies and Protest
  • Protest and Post-colonial Studies
  • Social Psychology and Public Dissent

In the first instance, please make initial enquiries to both Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido at ruth.sanz-sabido@canterbury.ac.uk and Professor Stuart Price at sprice@dmu.ac.uk

More information on the series can be found here and the proposal form can be downloaded here.

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